Master Self Analysis


Foundation Course
(One day with lunch)

  • Equilibrium
    Balance in the face of uncertainty.
The programme

9.00  Coffee and introductions
9.30  The understanding of self
11.0  Making sense of your circumstances
1.00  Lunch (three course)
2.00  Your choices & why you make them
3.00  Discussion
4.00  Summary
4.30  End

Master Classes
(Half-day with refreshment)

  • Changing Perceptions
    How your surroundings affect you
  • Sensory Enjoyment
    Living in the moment
  • Future Shock
    A glimpse of tomorrow
  • Life, the Universe and Everything
    The Answer to existence
  • A Beautiful Mind
    Practising mental agility

Everything in the Universe is uncertain, you can depend on that

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